What is a grill stone?

Grill stone plate is designed for healthy and nutritious cooking of meat, fish and veg and stone-baking pizza or pancakes. Can be used outside or inside, on open flame as well as on elecric or gas cookers.

Grill plate

E-SHOP grill stone

When heated, the plate mantains steady temperature evenly over the entire surface for long period of time. This allows the dish to be cooked to perfection.

  • The meat is not in direct contact with flame.
  • Grilled food stays full of taste, crispy and juicy.
  • No need for charcoal, can be heated on open flame.

Our grill stones are made in Italy from volcanic rock - lava, and can't be damaged by flame, as compared to its cheaper alternative, granite.

Various uses of grill stone:

  • ordinary barbecues
  • gas or electric barbecues
  • kitchen ovens and cookers
  • glass/ceramic stove tops
  • fireplaces and fires